Critter Oil® for Dogs and Cats

    1) 32oz Shampoo: Combine 1 measuring scoop (1 tsp) Critter Oil® with approximately 6 tablespoons of Original Blue Dawn dish washing liquid  in a 32oz bottle and fill with water. We recommend Original Blue Dawn because it is proper animal PH so will not cause skin problems, and because it helps emulsify the pure essential oils. Shake very thoroughly with each use.

    At our shop, we use a separate bottle of dilute Dawn only for a pre-wash and rinse one or more times quickly, before using Critter Oil® shampoo and allowing it to stay on the pet for 15 minutes or more before rinsing thoroughly.

    Other shampoo bases can be used as well but in general will not clean as well which can reduce the overall effectiveness of Critter Oil® which absorbs into the skin and coat helping to heal, condition and repel.

    2) 16 0z Spray or Rinse: Combine 1 measuring scoop (1 tsp.) Critter Oil® with 16 oz water.  Shake vigorously before using. Spray before going for a walk, or to help soothe itchy skin. Spray or pour on after a bath for added healing and protection.

    3) Apply pure oils to nylon collar: no more poisons.

    4) Apply to cotton ball: place under cushion in pets’ bed or in your vacuum cleaner bag.

    5) Apply drop or two straight on ticks: let sit for a few minutes then remove tick easily and dispose of in toilet, or small jar of water and some C -Oil.

     6) Use Spray or add to mop water: clean and deodorize kennels, catteries, crates, etc. and eliminate chemical pesticides at the same time.

7) For dogs with mange: Bathe  pet at least 2 times a week in the shampoo formula, plus follow the directions for head lice for washing pet bedding. Use the other household directions for carpets, floors, etc. Also, it is important to change your dog’s diet to a high quality, grain free or raw diet in order to strengthen his immune system. Follow the information found in  “Simple Steps to a Healthy Pet”

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