Critter Oil® for People

1) 16 oz. Spray: 1 scoop (1 tsp.) Critter Oil® to 16 oz. spray bottle of water. Use on yourself when outdoors wherever gnats, mosquitoes, etc. are active. 

2) The Non-toxic Head Lice Solution: This use was discovered when my kids were in elementary school in the 1980s when Critter Oil® first came into being. They have since been recommended by our clients who are nurses at All Children’s Hospital as well as by missionary clients to an orphanage in a 3rd world country… Step 1: Use the Dog Shampoo formula to wash the child’s hair. Let lather sit for 5 -10 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Pick nits…they will slide off fairly easily.   Step 2: Mix 1 scoop (1tsp.) Critter Oil® and 1/2 scoop (1/2 tsp.) original blue Dawn (for emulsification) with regular shampoo. Shake well before using. Shampoo hair daily until clear, then use periodically for prevention.   Step 3: Mix 1 scoop C-Oil and 1 tbsp. Original blue Dawn together to emulsify then add with less than the recommended amount of laundry detergent and wash bed linens, etc.  Step 4: Wash combs and brushes in dog shampoo formula daily for about 10 days -2 weeks, then periodically thereafter for prevention. Step 5: Use 16 oz. dog spray formula on mattresses, furniture, etc.

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