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The most important thing for a pet owner to realize, and which they probably have never been told is this: Fleas and itchy, flaky smelly skin and allergies, as well as other common health problems like chronic ear and eye problems, are all just SYMPTOMS, NOT CAUSES!

The actual Cause of these problems is a weakened or overtaxed immune system, and the majority of the traditional treatments for these symptoms actually contribute to the cause even further by adding drugs and chemicals into the system which the animal’s liver, kidneys, skin, etc. must further eliminate from the body. This eventually will not only make the symptoms come back worse when the drugs wear off, but will often break down vital organs permanently and terminally.

The good news is, Mother Nature, God, or however you choose to envision it, created the world to work! If we work WITH nature rather than always considering it something that we must fight against, nature itself will solve the problem because that’s the way its laws are set up!

Take the flea for example. This little creature is a pest, a parasite, but like everything else in creation, it has a purpose. A parasite’s purpose is to eliminate the weak and infirm from the gene pool and the food chain. It doesn’t care that the weak animal is your beloved pet, it’s just doing its job! If your pet is maximally healthy through eating a high quality natural diet, aided if necessary by other natural supplements which support and strengthen the immune and elimination systems, fleas will literally avoid your pet because it becomes his job to let your pet live. He can only follow the laws of nature. To aid you in helping him do his job properly,

Mother Nature has also supplied mankind with numerous plants that produce essential oils which fleas and many other pesky critters find both repulsive and deadly. These oils will even help to HEAL your pets’ damaged skin and coat instead of creating further health problems. Imagine that, Nature gets it right again. Allergic dermatitis, chronic ear infections, dry eye, and other problems also follow the laws of nature. One of those laws, put simply, is Garbage In, Garbage Out.

In 1983, the pet food industry (the largest consumer of garbage disposed of by the human food industry) successfully petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to change labeling standards to allow the use of the term “by-products”. This label covers everything from hide and hair, feathers, heads, hooves, fecal matter and even the blood soaked sawdust from the slaughter house floor. And since the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) doesn’t restrict the type or quality of animal proteins that can be used in pet foods, these By-products as well as others such as destroyed dogs and cats, road kill, and 4D meats which are Dead, Diseased, Dying, and Disabled are the prime meat sources in the majority of pet foods.

Yummy! Is it any wonder that the incidents of cancer and other diseases are on the rise in our pets as well as skin problems? READ THE LABELS on your pets food. Knowing what you know now, do you really want to feed it to him for dinner?

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