Loving vs Caring

Over the past 30 years of owning The Clip Joint and Naturals for Animals,  I have been privileged to work with thousands of dogs and their owners. One of the most profound and important things that I have come to realize is the difference between “loving” something (or even someone) and “caring” about it.  I see it pretty much daily. In short, “loving” something is actually all about how that something makes the person who loves it feel; while “caring” (more like Divine Love) is about how the person makes the other thing feel, whether it is another person, a pet, etc. Loving is really a wonderful feeling, but it is actually rather selfish. Caring is harder in a way because it often requires that the one who cares put their own needs and desires (what makes them feel good) secondary to the other, cared about individual. For instance, I deal with this phenomenon frequently when trying to get owners to drop excess weight off of their beloved dog. A dog can’t open the refrigerator or go shopping. The only way he can become over weight is by being over fed by a loving owner  who truly believes that they are doing a wonderful thing for the dog. The fact, unfortunately, is that their own subconscious correlation between food and love is the actual issue. It makes them feel good to “love” their dog by giving it treats, food that it gobbles up regardless of what physical issues the food may be causing, etc.  I realize that for most of you, this is not the case, but I have spent 30 years working with individuals and raising their awareness from simply “loving” their dogs to truly “caring” about them. You may not want to change your pet’s food, or reduce the amount you feed him in order to help him remove excess weight, but believe me when I say that it will be well worth it when your friend gets more energy, freer movement, and greater general health  and a longer life.  My next post will tell you the easiest way to help your dog shed pounds without your feeling like you are being heartless. The word diet is a four letter word to humans, not to your dog.

Post you later!  Sue Griffin

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