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Susan Griffin, 41 year owner of The Clip Joint and founder of Naturals for Animals, graduated from The New York School of Dog Grooming in 1972. In addition to working with professional breeders and show handlers prior to that, she also bread and showed dogs herself for 40 years. She is a graduate of Orchard Kennels School of Dog Training, but started studying dogs and animal behavior as a child. She began seriously studying canine nutrition and alternative therapies over 40 years ago, well before the term “holistic” even became widely known. All of this coupled with a BS degree in Psychology with minors in ecology and animal behavior; she brings a degree of professionalism to The Clip Joint rarely found in pet grooming salons. Her commitment to quality and caring extends to all of The Clip Joint staff.

The shop has specialized in totally natural skin and coat care since its development of Critter Oil® over 40 years ago. The other notable difference in The Clip Joint is the strong commitment to teaching pet owners how to properly maintain and care for their beloved companion. Their commitment to proper and affordable maintenance is exemplified by the discounted prices for weekly or every other week clients. The maintenance program includes: brush out, a bath using Critter Oil® shampoo, fluff-dry, toe nails, anal glands, tummy and rectal area trim, ear plucking and cleaning, clipping hair between the pads, trimming hair under the eyes and bangs, and neatening up the feet. All of the above is considered proper maintenance to the professionals at The Clip Joint and unlike most groomers who charge extra for most of these services; they are all included in the price. Their reputation for creating healthy, happy, beautiful pets is unsurpassed, as is exemplified by the 3 generations of clientele from 4 counties; many of whom  are still their  regulars.

After 41 years, as of May 1,2022; Susan has retired, closed the shop and moved to Brooksville, Florida.

Grooming is currently done on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday by office manager, Linda Furlong and her staff at a new location.

It is best to call 727-327-2356  or Linda directly at: 727-424-3483 several days ahead to schedule an appointment because space is limited. Ask about the discounts for our weekly and every other week “Healthy Dog, Happy Dog, Maintenance Program”.

Thank you all for your years of loyalty.  God bless you and your furry friends.

Sue Griffin

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