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Welcome to The Natural Dog Blog! In the following months, it is my plan to bring you as much useful information as I can about caring for and training your dog the way I believe is the best way possible, the Natural Way. I have been a professional in the canine world for 40+ years, and I have studied dogs all my life, and that’s quite a while considering the fact that tomorrow (July 28th) is my 62nd birthday!¬† For the past 20+ years, I have been using¬† and teaching my clients natural methods for flea control, eliminating skin problems, dealing with pet allergies, working with health problems such as chronic ear and eye problems, pet obesity, tooth and gum problems, digestive problems, and pretty much anything that came up in the course of time. I have continued to research and study durring that time, especially concerning nutrition, and have been privileged to have been able to heal many wonderful companions and even save the lives of several.

I can’t possibly tell you everything in a few blog posts, but I can give you some suggestions, and if you really want to become better informed, you can order and read my book, Simple Steps to a Healthy Pet either here on this site, or through Amazon’s Kindle.

I hope that we can use this blog as a forum for learning and sharing.

I look forward to communicating with you.

Susan R Griffin, Holistic Pet Care Consultant & owner, Naturals For Animals


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