Critter Oil® for Horses

Critter Oil® has proven to be the most effective during periods of heat and heavy insect infestation when used weekly as a shampoo and frequently as a spray before and after exercise.  Before shows, be sure to use Critter Oil® as a shampoo to bring an amazing glow and softness to your horse’s coat.

If your horse experiences “Summer Itch” or other skin and coat issues, bathe and spray frequently.  Critter Oil® will not dry out the coat even if you bathe your horse more than once a week!

Pre-wash your horse once with just very dilute dish detergent (Blue Dawn or Ivory Clear) and rinse to remove initial dirt and sweat, then lather up thoroughly with the Critter Oil® Shampoo Formula and allow it to remain on your horse for at least 15 minutes to increase effectiveness.

Shampoo Formula: Combine 1 scoop of Critter Oil® with two (2) ounces of soap base (Blue Dawn or Ivory Clear) in a 32 – 36oz bottle and add water.

Spray Formula: Add one (1) scoop of Critter Oil® to 32oz of water.  Since Critter Oil® is pure, uncut essential herbal oils, they will separate from water, so shake well.  For more serious problems, you can increase the amount of Critter Oil® used. It will leave his mane, tail and coat shiny, not greasy, and discourages pests that might annoy him.

Coat Polish: This works very well on show horses.  A little straight Critter Oil® around the ears, on hind quarters, or anywhere you want to highlight.  Buff with a terry washcloth or clean, soft grooming brush.


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