Critter Oil® for Lawns and Plants

Perhaps the most amazing and wonderful thing about Critter Oil® is its incredible versatility; a fact which can conceivably save hundreds of dollars a year in toxic, chemical pesticides, fertilizers, anti fungals, etc. as well as the lives and beauty of so many varieties of  indoor and outdoor plants.

The lawn spray formula will undoubtedly strike you as totally outrageous but try it…you won’t be disappointed. One of our clients had two beautiful and very valuable King Palms which became infected with the ‘incurable’ fungus that kills so many palm trees, citrus trees, etc. here in Florida and other states as well.  Having used the formula on her lawn and seeing the results, and having eliminated a fungus problem on her dog’s skin using the Critter Oil® shampoo formula, she figured it wouldn’t hurt to spray her King Palms with the lawn spray formula.  She had nothing to loose since they were dying anyway. So she did.  Three days later, both trees were healthy and happy (yes, I believe a tree can be happy), and she was ecstatic!

1) Lawn Spray Formula: Used monthly, or even less, this formula will green up your grass and you won’t even have a bug fly up when you mow…plus it’s non toxic and not too expensive.

First, get a spray attachment for your hose of the variety used with liquid plant food, etc. It should have an adjustable dilution setting. Fill it half and half with BLUE DAWN (preferably Original, but Ultra will also do. NEVER ANTI-BACTERIAL!); and a variety of DARK BEER (Guinness, St Polly Girl, Bush, etc.).  That’s right, I said dish soap and beer!  Ad to that one (1) or two (2) scoops of Critter Oil®.

Set the control on the sprayer to its most dilute setting, turn on the hose, and water the lawn, spray the trees, etc.

2) Plant Spray Formula: These formulas and instructions were developed by Professional Gardener, Cyd Moore.  She uses Critter Oil® extensively and recommends it to her clients.  Thank you, Cyd for your valuable recipes and recommendations! For Garden Coaching information and services in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, e-mail Cyd Moore at:

For Thin Leaved Plants: Combine ¼ tsp C.O. with 1 tsp dawn ultra, or Murphy’s Oil Soap, per gallon of water. Spray on and under the leaves and stems, once every 3-5 days for 3-4 repetitions.  This works for most sap sucking bugs. The reason for the repetitions is that the eggs inside of a perfectly dead bug will still hatch, so the repetitions are necessary to break the life cycle of the insect.  No oils are recommended in full sun in the heat of the summer.

For Thicker Leaved Plants:  Combine ½ tsp C.O. and 1 tbsp soap/ gal.of water. Use as directed above.

Foliage Feed with seaweed, fish emulsion, or ¼ tsp Miracle Grow with the Critter Oil® and soap plant spray formulas.

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