Critter Oil® Household Uses

1.     Critter Oil® Carpet Powder:   Combine in a large bowl or pot, two (2) measuring scoops (1tsp) or a full ½oz bottle of Critter Oil® with a 32oz box of baking soda and stir with a fork until the oils are fully absorbed by the baking soda. Add this to approximately ½ of a box of Borax (found in the laundry detergent and water conditioner section of the grocery store), and a box of table salt.  Blend the ingredients thoroughly and put into a shaker container. Several companies put out pet oriented carpet powder in shaker containers.  You can use the powder as the baking soda base.  After blending all of the ingredients, re-fill the container, then shake the powder on carpets and furniture.  Allow it to sit for a couple of hours then vacuum.  Put the remaining carpet powder mixture in a zip lock bag for future use.  Also, please use a metal or stainless steel bowl for mixing purposes.  Critter Oil® absorbs into plastic and will render it unusable for food preparation or storage.  Because of the effectiveness of the Critter Oil® Carpet Powder formula, you will find it unnecessary to re-treat the carpet for many, many months.  Possibly never again, if you use Critter Oil® in all of its many ways combined with the recommendations found in “Simple Steps to a Healthy Pet”.

  2. For hardwood, linoleum or tile floors: mix a scoop of Critter Oil® and a very small amount of Dawn with your mop water.  Not only will it help clean, but will help keep pests like ants, roaches, etc. from invading your home.

   3. Car Wash: This is going to sound very strange, but if you have an older car that has dulled due to paint oxidation, use the dog shampoo formula to wash your car. Add an extra scoop of Critter Oil® for heavily oxidized paint. You will be totally amazed at how the color returns. No kidding. You may also spot treat using a bit of straight C-Oil on a cloth and rubbing the spot to remove oil, bird feces, oxidation, etc..

   4.  For the summer barbeque: put Critter Oil® in a reed diffuser container and set it out on your table a few hours before and during your stay outdoors to help repel unwanted insect guests. Also use the dog spray formula on yourself and around the area for extra protection.

   5. Other Household Uses: One of our dealers discovered that her daughter had used an indelible marker on the erasable marker board.  Before just throwing it away, she decided to try using the Critter Oil® dog spray formula to clean it off. Spraying and rubbing took it all off.

6. Bed Bugs: As an alternative to toxic chemicals, use the Critter Oil® dog and cat spray formula  daily for about 10 days – 2 weeks to spray mattresses and pillows thoroughly, plus between mattress and box springs. Follow the head lice instructions for washing all sheets, pillow cases, blankets, and clothing (if necessary). For added defense, use the Critter Oil® Pet Perfect Carpet Powder, or the do it yourself carpet powder formula along with our organic diatomaceous earth on carpets and between mattresses and box springs. If you have bites, feel free to shower using the dog and cat shampoo formula to soothe the itch and eliminate any passengers.

7. Scabies, and other forms of Mange Mites: Follow the same instructions as with lice and bed bugs.

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